An offer of help in a desperate situation.

The "baby window" is an offer of help in a desperate situation. It allows a mother who finds herself in a seemingly hopeless position to place her child in safe hands in complete anonymity. The mother opens the window, lays the baby in the heated cot, takes the "Letter to the mother", closes the window again and walks away. After three minutes, the baby-window alarm sounds in the hospital, whereupon a midwife comes and takes the baby away. The baby receives loving care and attention. A few days later, the baby is placed in the hands of foster parents and can later be adopted. Until adoption becomes official, the natural mother and father are entitled to ask for the child to be returned. Adoption may take place no earlier than a year after the child was placed in care. Parents who contact Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC) foundation, Tel. 0800 811 100 (calls are free), before or after placing the baby in care will receive free help and advice on life together with the child.