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Desperate Mother lays Newborn in a Baby Window

On February 18, 2020, at 4.35 pm, another newborn baby was placed in a Swiss baby window. To protect those involved, the location where the baby was left will not be named for the moment. The baby is a healthy boy, weighing 3205 g and measuring 50 cm long. He was born just a few hours previously. The little boy remains in the hospital for the time being for further medical evaluation. The mother had written him a note with a few touching words. The local Child and Adult Protection Authority (CAPA) has been informed. A legal guardian has taken on the rights and responsibilities that biological parents are customarily subject to. This is the 24th baby that has been handed in since baby windows have existed in Switzerland.

This case is particularly topical, since only a few weeks ago, a newborn baby was abandoned in the Bernese Oberland and almost froze to death. In comparison, the mother in this case dealt with the situation caringly and ensured the baby would receive the best medical care by placing him in the baby window. Obviously, she felt she needed to hide her pregnancy and the birth and could not keep the baby.

For the protection of all involved and in consideration of professional confidentiality, data protection and individual rights to privacy, no further details will be disclosed about this case.