Letter to the mother

Dear mother

Congratulations on the birth of your baby! We appreciate that only a desperate situation would have prompted you to place your child in the baby window at Bellinzona. We understand that it was a difficult decision for you to make and would like to confirm that your actions today do not render you liable for prosecution.

You are entitled to ask for your child back until any adoption order is enforced. Adoption may take place no earlier than one year after the child is given up. The Swiss Aid for Mother and Child foundation (SAMC) will provide you with the financial and social assistance you need, free of charge, in order to enable you to have a future together with your child. A counsellor will advise you, anonymously if you wish. We are always there for you. Why not get in touch? Your inquiry will be treated in the strictest confidence.

It would be nice for your child in later years if you would write his/her name on a slip of paper and provide some information on his/her origins. If you wish, you can send this information to us in a letter at a later date. The information will be kept and given to the child at the latest when he/she comes of age.

Remember to look after yourself, as well. Giving birth without medical assistance places you at risk. Why not consult a qualified doctor? If you need to see a doctor free of charge, please contact the Swiss Aid for Mother and Child foundation.
They will provide you with all the help you need.

We wish you strength and courage:

Regional Hospital Bellinzona e Valli, San Giovanni, via Ospedale, 6500 Bellinzona:
tel. 091 811 92 92 (midwife)

Swiss Aid for Mother and Child foundation, tel. 0800 811 100 (free calls),