Survey: review the offer of a baby window in Switzerland

Recognition of the institution

Many Swiss know of the institution "baby window" – a good two-thirds (68%) could assign the term correctly. Women (74%) were able to describe the baby window better than men (62%), and the older the person surveyed, the more well known the baby window was.

Opinion of the baby window

The baby window is generally viewed as a useful institution. 87% believe it is very useful (50%) or at least rather useful (37%). All groups surveyed support the idea completely. Women (89%) support the idea somewhat more than men (86%) and adolescents (84%) have a more critical view than those over 35 years of age (89%). It is striking that the idea is slightly better rated in French-speaking and Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland than in German-speaking Switzerland.

Request for additional baby windows

The call is clear: Switzerland should have a baby window in at least every region. 58% want regional coverage, while 28% would even support every hospital having such a window. Only 10% rejected expansion.