What mothers write to their babies

When a mother places a letter alongside her baby in the window, she is helping her child to understand the circumstances behind her decision and come to terms with its own past. These letters are testament to the fact that no baby is ever given up on a whim. The three letters below were found in a baby window in Lübeck (Germany).

Dear Felicity,

I hope that one day you will forgive me for giving you away like this. I'm doing it because I believe you will be better off in a family that has wanted a child for a long time and can give you lots of their time and love. The hours I spent with you were the most wonderful ever. You are the most beautiful baby I have ever seen. My wish is that you will do things better than me and one day become a wonderful mother. I pray to God that we will see each other again some day.

I love you
Your mother

We just want the best for him and it breaks our hearts to say this but we are not the best that can be offered him. Please treat him well and give him all the care he needs; he deserves it. We want to call him Lars and it would be wonderful if you could arrange this. We love him and will always think about him! Please keep this letter and show it to him when he is old enough so that he knows that he did and still does mean a lot to us!

The girl is called Sarah. I am so sorry but I cannot keep Sarah. I have many problems and a life with Sarah is just not possible. I know that you will find a better mother for her, someone who can give her what I don't have.

I am really sorry.
Date of birth: 02.08.03, 3:45 pm