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Fifth baby in Bern’s baby hatch

On 3 August 2021, at 9.39 pm, a new-born baby was placed in the baby hatch at Bern’s Lindenhof Hospital. The baby boy came into the world a few days before. He weighs 5.4 kg and is 56 cm tall. He is in good health and will remain at the hospital temporarily for further medical observation. The Child and Adult Protection Authority [Kindes- und Erwachsenenschutzbehörde] of the Canton of Bern was informed immediately. All the institutions involved in the baby hatch place great importance on ensuring that the privacy of both the baby and the mother are maintained. This is the 27th baby that has been placed in a baby hatch in Switzerland.

The baby hatch offers mothers an anonymous way to leave their child in a place of safe, medical care in extreme emergency situations. This is intended to prevent the abandonment of children or even infanticide, both of which have occurred repeatedly in the past. The baby hatch in Bern was established by the the Lindenhof Hospital and the charitable foundation, Swiss Aid for Mother and Child (SAMC), in 2013.

The mother and father of the child have the right to reclaim the child until the adoption process is completed. The child is returned to the mother or father on condition that maternity or paternity can be conclusively established and the conditions for assuming responsibility for the child are met. Adoption is only possible after one year of guardianship and care by the adoptive parents.

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